Crystal Light Booster

The Crystal Light Booster is being in development since 2019. We wanted to add a new energy layer to our scalar field emitters. This device helps the user to connect with the field easier and also provides gentle stimulation to our brain through the visual cortex. The combination of the light patterns and the scalar field makes this system very powerful. This device charges the Crystals and also energizes them.

  • Standalone System
  • Can feed the FRD emitter with +5V DC which sufficient enough to generate a 3-4m static scalar field
  • Powered via USB port
  • 18 Program ( 6 procedural / 12 Pattern-based )
  • 18 Color Range
  • Random Mode
  • Implemented an ancient method we got through channeling called ” Rainbow Meditation”
Live footage about the Crystal Light Booster

Research background of the Static Scalar Field and the Brain Biophotonic Layer

Our research in 2020 leads us to have a deeper understanding of the newly discovered Static Scalar Field. We discovered this type of energy has a greater characteristic for sleeping phases. This type of Static Scalar energy enhances/extends the Rem sleep phase and allows the expansion of the awareness about it. The Rem ( Rapid Eye Movement ) phase is technically a very intensive phase for the whole body especially for the brain, however, it is one of the most valuable phases for our consciousness. This is the phase where the most dream state, emotional processing, and memory processing taking place ( not even mentioning the whole astral remembrances transmission happens in this phase too ). The static scalar field appears to provide a boost to this phase which then allows a longer and more effective Rem phase. This has many positive aspects which we intend to explore using the new device we developed. We also integrated the Crystal Light Booster module which is also an active research area. We discovered that there is a Biophoton activity in the brain which appears to be responsible to coordinate the bioelectric signals and chemical activity. This Biophotonic activity can be triggered and influenced or boosted using the brain visual cortex area. Using different light patterns and algorithms allows us to have a positive influence on our brain’s Biophotonic activity which allows also us to improve thought processes or project the crystal information into our biphotonic layer. This is a very exciting research area and a combination of different techniques. Some research suggests that this biophotonic layer can be the information carrier layer between our soul/consciousness/body ( this layer seems to have all the physical preference to be able to act as an exchange layer between our different dimensional bodies and parts ). The biophotonic layer is also influenced by the Quantum Laws and this would raise a lot of questions to answer but we have now a great area to study. This new prototype is able to generate standalone a continuous Static Scalar Field and boosting the biophotonic activity in the brain by the Chrystal light booster functionality. We integrated a sleeping mode that turns off after a few hours the light emission and only leaves the static scalar field emission active for the whole sleeping phase.

Crystal Light Booster – Details and visualization