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On this page we would like to share our ongoing developments and research results.

Research details – field size comparison 

A lot of people asking us about the field size differences among the different prototypes. To help understand the differences we made a short comparison video about how the vortex fields are oriented and expanding based on the different emitter characteristics. The video represents a 2W sinus input power on 1000Hz ( this is a very commonly used input power and frequency range ). The field size and expansion varies based on the input signal strength and frequency. It appears the higher the frequency the less input energy is required to get the same field size but the expansion seems to be logarithmic in nature. This means the field reaches fast a greater size on lower energy input and from this point, we need more and more energy to make the field grow in size. As the field size and input energy are not in linear correlation the more input energy will result in higher energy density inside the emitter range while it causing less and less expansion in its range. This phenomenon causes that the field range even just using a phone output power can reach a few meter radius while using an amplifier the field will not grow in size significantly but its energy density going to be exponentially amplified. The 3D emitters have an interlocking field amplification effect which means the geometry itself acting as an amplifier and make the vortex ellipsoid field expanding further and so reaching a bigger overall radius in the emission. Using 3D emitter geometry helps to reach a greater field size than utilizing more input power. The scalar field intensity inside its spherical range not evenly distributed but follows an ellipsoid shape based on the single emitter plates orientations. The 3D emitters have therefor a more evenly distributed field and the more plates are involved in the emitter geometry the field becomes more evenly / spherically distributed in each direction.

Recently developed devices in 2020

FRD3D Maximus Emitter Development ( 2020 )

While we developed the FRD3D Icosahedron we found a lot of optimization which we applied on our next iteration which became the FRD3D Maximums. We give this name because the side impedances and the geometry highly efficent ,accessibe , and powerfull. We was able to configure the plates that their impedance become 2 Ohm which allowed us to drive it with even higher power and also it can be configured to become a Dual Channel emitter. In dual channel mode each side have 4-5Ohm impedance. If we drive it with a stereo amplifier we can create an asyncronous field which results an upward or downward energy movement based on the freqfrency difference on the top and bottom side. This emitter due its optimized configuration can be driven up to 80 Watt power which makes the plates almost 120 C hot but the plates integrity is good up to 170 C. This emitter is the most power efficient and have much  greater energy density as the FRD3D Icosahedron  because of the plates wiring configuration is much more ideal and allow more energy to lead trough. We also developed for this emitter a special Crystal Light Booster which also increase the system efficency and adds an extra light layer to the scalar field. 


FRD3D Icosahedron Prototype Development ( 2020 )


IMG_7792We created a very powerful experimental Scalar Field Emitter prototype the “FRD 3D Icosahedron”. This emitter is going to be a big help for us to study how we can compress the scalar energy and how to reach greater emission efficiency and range. This experimental emitter can be driven up to 300W power which can result based on our calculation an almost 70-100 m radius and a much greater energy density in close proximity. So far we only drive with 80W energy as too much power and too high frequencies can result even headache around the emitter. We also developed for this coil a special so-called “Crystal Light Booster” which is installed in the middle of the Icosahedron ( see a video about it on our Facebook Page ). We programmed the system in a way that the crystals are being projected with different color ranges from different angles using 64 RGB LED. This constantly changing smooth light triggering results a greater Crystal clearance and extends the energy range produced by the emitter. On top of its functionality, the light triggering looks very great. We can also program the light triggering to align up with the frequency of the emitter. This design contains 484 triangular coil on each plate and the whole Icosahedron has 20 of these plates. This result 20 primary triangular coil ( situated by 37.5 Degree from each neighbor plate/coil). In the middle of each plate there is 3 focusing coil which results in a summary 60 focusing coil and a mind-blowing 9600 stabilization and amplifier coil in different fractal sizes. This causes great energy compression in the center of the structure. The dimension of this emitter is 38cm ( 15″ ) diameter. In comparison, the FRD3D emitter is 19cm on its widest side. The whole building process including the 3D printing of the structural support elements took us 8 days.


Pleadian Emitter Prototype Development ( 2020 )

We are working on a new emitter coil design which is still in work in progress. Here is an image about the coil structrue we are working on. This design developed with the intention to  merge and bend together the circular and triangular coil geometry features. We aim to finish and send to production this design in 2020Q2.


The Crystal Light Booster Development ( 2020 )


There is a new interesting development and research we made using light to support the Scalar Field Emitters and boost their effect. There is a lot of traditional LED Matrix on the market. We had the idea of what if we programming these modules on a special way to boost and tune the crystals we use in our emitters. We found a lot of exciting benefits using this approach and also developed some very promising features. Our first idea was to drive the LED-s in a way that they will resonate on 12Hz  or 8Hz or 4 Hz ( theta meditation ). These frequency vibrations using light still stimulus for our brain if we look into the pulsating/glowing crystal. Higher vibrations than 60Hz are not possible due to the fact that our brain will not sense it above this vibration and perceive it as continuous light. This way we found out that there is a new way to stimulate our brain for low frequencies using stimulus light impulses projecting trough crystals. These vibrations on the LED matrix generate different light/color patterns in the crystal and help us to connect and focus on the crystal and connect to it in a much greater way. This tunes our brain to the desired vibration and keeps our focus locked on the crystal and also tunes the crystal and help to create a better focus bridge between the person and the crystal. We created 3 main functions so far for this new device. The first is as we mentioned above the low-frequency stimulation ( our favorite is the 12Hz Rain Forest vibration ).  The second is a crystal clearing and boosting function. This program projects the crystal in different light color ranges and also tunes back into the earth’s natural vibration ( Schumann Frequency ). Using this program every day a 10 minute seems to keep the crystal energy in a much more pure/vital way. We aim to research and experiment in this area much deeper. The third function we added is a continuous light triggering while the Scalar Field Emitter is operational. We added a few color range which gently projecting and triggering the crystal while the emitter is running on different frequencies. For example, if someone aims to work on their third eye and meditate then he can tune the Scalar Field Generator into 852Hz which helps to open the third eye and also can adjust the color range to this chakra on the Crystal Light Booster. This adds more power to the system and a new light layer to support our spiritual work. Another example is healing. We can tune the Scalar Field Generator into 432Hz or 114Hz ( which is the general body frequency in most humans ) and turn the Crystal Light Booster into the green healing light range or to a full-color range which balances all our chakras.  We keep exploring and developing this device as it seems to have a lot of benefits in our application field. We used for this prototype some 3D printing and some basic electronics ( LED 8×8 Matrix Panel , Arudino NANO. 


Scalar Water Tube Development and Research in 2020

IMG_A42CE10572F3-1 Currently, we developing further the “Scalar Water Tube” concept. Using 3D printing we created a compact spiral geometry to lead water and generate scalar energy by it. This 3D printed component did a great job while our research. The water seems to be very good in creating a very nice energy field if there is enough surface for the opposite directional moving water molecules. As on the design visible, we rather created a higher flat channel for the water to move in the spiral. This turns out to have a much stronger effect as if we would use normal water tubes as we did in 2019. We will experiment further with this concept to find the best size and aspect ratio for the ideal fluid dynamics and movement.


Developments and experiments in 2019

Application and Software Development

An application update is on the way which will ensure a few new functions such as:

  • Integrated user experience sharing
  • New vibrations
  • Custom frequency generator ( Dual channel mode for the new  coil generation and the traditional single channel generation  the custom range will be between 1-14 KHz )
  • Coil Database and function description
  • New help and how to use section
  • Reprogrammed function generator engine
  • Upgraded GUI Design
  • Bug Fixes

The application release date is uncertain as its still in development but we aim to roll out around 2019 August. It will be published for Android and IOS system and for PC / MAC OS.

A few new function might be added in this year as well such as:

  • Custom .mp3 vibration generation directly from the application – with this function people can generate their desired program and drive the coil with an mp3 player instead of using all the time application.
  • Field Expansion simulations which helps people understand  better the energy field characteristic.

Here is a few screenshot from the upgraded application:





PDV Emitter

One of our ongoing development is a new dual channel Emitter. We also had to rewrite our application to be able to drive this new emitter.   We resonated well with the Padovan Triangle sequence ( see on wikipedia ) geometry and now we try to develop based on this mathematical sequence a quantum coil. This emitter will be very strong as it will be able to use a stereo amplifier both channel to drive it. Also this type of coil will enable the user to use different vibrational fields in the same time and create a so called ” asynchronous scalar field modulation ” .  Visualisation




Rapture Async Emitter

We are working as well to engineer a new type of Rapture coil. In this new version there will be 2 separated channel and each channel will create an opposit directional rotating field. The energy field will look like two galaxy on each other and both rotate in an other direction. We been experimenting with this for a while and now we have enough experience to engineer this new emitter.


Bellow a picture about how the 2 rapture coil layers are laying on top of each other. Each layer will be able to drive separately with the new application. There is the center coil which is the main vortrex generator and on side coils are meant to support and boost the main vortrex.




Water/Fluid based Scalar Field Generator

Currently we are experimenting with scalar water tubes. We realised we can generate scalar waves with fluid movement just like as with electrons movement. This brought us to the idea to research this area and currently we try to build some prototype to be able to test this direction.




For this prototype we used 3D printing which is indeed very challenging when it comes to water resistance. We placed bellow the Quantum Tube a coil which aligns the water molecules in one direction ( more or less ) . This gives for the water a more aligned structure and also theoretically make the water more suited for generating Electro Magnetic field as the molecules are aligned and less chaotic. This is so far our theory with the upcoming tests and experiments will tell if we think in the right direction or not. It is indeed very challenging producing a water proof 3D print but when finally we able to print one it represent very well how in our other coils the electrons moving.

Early Research results: Trough channeling we asked our friends to scan this technology and help to see where are the benefits are of this approach to the scalar field generation. They observed the technology while it was operating and they pointed out that this type of fluid based scalar field ( not surprisingly ) affecting the most the human blood vessel system. It have a direct affect on the blood cells and also can help fixing blood related DNA damage such as Leukemia  and the most blood related disease. It also have a secondary positive effect on the heart function  and blood pressure. We are planing to develop this technology further to create a standalone system and test it on peoples who have such diseases.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 20.51.20

The 3D printed water quantum tube element which allows the water to flow in an opposite directional spiral path.