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On this page we would like to share our ongoing developments and research results.

If you resonate with our work and you would like to support the research then you can help us  by donation .  We accept donations on the PayPal address. We use the donations for providing emitters for people who are in medical needs  and for keeping our research / development moving forward.

Ongoing developments and experiments in 2019

Application and Software Development

An application update is on the way which will ensure a few new functions such as:

  • Integrated user experience sharing
  • New vibrations
  • Custom frequency generator ( Dual channel mode for the new  coil generation and the traditional single channel generation  the custom range will be between 1-14 KHz )
  • Coil Database and function description
  • New help and how to use section
  • Reprogrammed function generator engine
  • Upgraded GUI Design
  • Bug Fixes

The application release date is uncertain as its still in development but we aim to roll out around 2019 August. It will be published for Android and IOS system and for PC / MAC OS.

A few new function might be added in this year as well such as:

  • Custom .mp3 vibration generation directly from the application – with this function people can generate their desired program and drive the coil with an mp3 player instead of using all the time application.
  • Field Expansion simulations which helps people understand  better the energy field characteristic.

Here is a few screenshot from the upgraded application:





PDV Emitter

One of our ongoing development is a new dual channel Emitter. We also had to rewrite our application to be able to drive this new emitter.   We resonated well with the Padovan Triangle sequence ( see on wikipedia ) geometry and now we try to develop based on this mathematical sequence a quantum coil. This emitter will be very strong as it will be able to use a stereo amplifier both channel to drive it. Also this type of coil will enable the user to use different vibrational fields in the same time and create a so called ” asynchronous scalar field modulation ” .  Visualisation





Rapture Async Emitter

We are working as well to engineer a new type of Rapture coil. In this new version there will be 2 separated channel and each channel will create an opposit directional rotating field. The energy field will look like two galaxy on each other and both rotate in an other direction. We been experimenting with this for a while and now we have enough experience to engineer this new emitter.


Bellow a picture about how the 2 rapture coil layers are laying on top of each other. Each layer will be able to drive separately with the new application. There is the center coil which is the main vortrex generator and on side coils are meant to support and boost the main vortrex.




Water/Fluid based Scalar Field Generator

Currently we are experimenting with scalar water tubes. We realised we can generate scalar waves with fluid movement just like as with electrons movement. This brought us to the idea to research this area and currently we try to build some prototype to be able to test this direction.











For this prototype we used 3D printing which is indeed very challenging when it comes to water resistance. We placed bellow the Quantum Tube a coil which aligns the water molecules in one direction ( more or less ) . This gives for the water a more aligned structure and also theoretically make the water more suited for generating Electro Magnetic field as the molecules are aligned and less chaotic. This is so far our theory with the upcoming tests and experiments will tell if we think in the right direction or not. It is indeed very challenging producing a water proof 3D print but when finally we able to print one it represent very well how in our other coils the electrons moving.

Early Research results: Trough channeling we asked our friends to scan this technology and help to see where are the benefits are of this approach to the scalar field generation. They observed the technology while it was operating and they pointed out that this type of fluid based scalar field ( not surprisingly ) affecting the most the human blood vessel system. It have a direct affect on the blood cells and also can help fixing blood related DNA damage such as Leukemia  and the most blood related disease. It also have a secondary positive effect on the heart function  and blood pressure. We are planing to develop this technology further to create a standalone system and test it on peoples who have such diseases.

Screenshot 2019-05-12 at 20.51.20

The 3D printed water quantum tube element which allows the water to flow in an opposite directional spiral path.



Interdimensional Communication System

This development been aimed a communication channel for sending and receiving messages. We had to accept that even tho receiving messages would be possible technically there are rules and regulations which not allowing extraterrestrials to send messages back using this technology. As we see this will not change any time soon we decided to develop this communication further on a way that we will integrate the communication sequences into our mobile application and people can submit their messages trough our application. This development is a side project for now as we focus on the app update and researching / testing the new emitters.

IMG_2129 (1)