Exopolitical FAQ

The Research Group is receiving a lot of questions about the Alliance and about UFO-s. We collected all these questions and created a quick introduction FAQ to help recap what we know so far. Also, we added some interesting understanding and scientific perspectives we learned about our universe.

If you have any questions beyond the ones listed below feel free to reach out:


Exopolitical FAQ

If the aliens are around why are they not interacting with us more directly?

The positive extraterrestrials have to play by the galactic rules. There are primary directives that they have and want to follow. Their directives were based on many million first contact experiences and learned what courses of action are beneficial and which aren’t. They follow the protocols and do not violate the rules that our human government sets up. Human leaders set the term that no human can leave the planet and no alien can reach surface level. Also, the aliens are not allowed to interact with humans in any way which would leave solid proof of their existence. This is why we recently have to live with the very imprecise channeling method when it comes to communication. On the other hand. Channeling is one of the most commonly used first communication attempts from aliens as in this form they can actually use our own languages and communicate without causing fear and stress. This method allows a spiritual and mind connection to prepare an actual physical first contact.

Information around first contact rules and regulations as well on the current status ( Updated on 10.05.2022 )

Based on the galactic rules there are two conditions that would allow them to initiate a planetary level open first contact.

  1. The planetary government which represents humanity toward the galactic level wants the first contact and makes active preparation for it. (Currently, our leaders are absolute against such a course of action )
  2. If the first version is not possible due to a lack of governmental interest the other condition is that 70-80% of the planet’s population would need to wish for the first contact to happen and show interest.

Both of these conditions are not met and so, we are still in the phase to gain the interest of the human population in the first contact. Almost all people know about UFO phenomena and probably find it legit. But how many would wish to walk among us any aliens or want any direct face-to-face interaction?

Update on first contact: There was so far 3 scenario planned by aliens about the first contact. The third version is what happens right now.

  • The first version was that aliens will show up in the sky with huge motherships and stay there for a while. This scenario was discarded because of the rejection of the human government.
  • The second version was that aliens will take over human technology and broadcast videos and information about themselves. This scenario was also discarded because of the rejection of the human government.
  • The third version is, that around 2005 the human leaders made a rule with the galactic government that no alien or human can leave or come to earth. This decision left on earth many aliens stranded. These beings were already here and grandfathered into earth society in the 15-18 years. These aliens have the ability to blend in and appear as humans and even live a human life. So they were able to blend in and build a traditional human life in many senses. The first contact which is being approved by the government and aliens is that these aliens who were stranded on earth will now come forth and show themselves in their real form for those individuals around them who are ready for it. So far only a few hundred of these encounters and reveals happened. This is a very tiny almost insignificant number compared to the human population. The importance of it is that there is an approval finally by the human government which was constantly rejecting all open first contact plans. This is a very small start but finally something that can slowly grow and will eventually lead to an inevitable open first contact on the mass level. Why does the government agree with this? Because this is a very slow process and so they can keep control over it, also they know this will happen either way sooner or later so they want to make the regulations over it. These alien encounters seem now to lead the path to the first contact for humanity.

Why are they not giving us any advanced technology?

For the same reason as we have not put children in an airplane driver’s seat. Most advanced alien technology requires a much more developed species. We would not able to use it properly. At least there would be individuals who are advanced enough to use it however other individuals could cause huge issues by using it incorrectly. The other reason is that no alien can interfere with a non-galactic civilization by artificially advancing it by sharing technology ( beyond their understanding ). Technology and asset exchange are only possible between species that have already reached the galactic level and are part of the galactic societies. However, there are still ways to cooperate. Our Research Group creating technology based on our astral memories and ideas and we can ask them for a greater understanding of what we just created. This little help here and there with a better understanding already accelerates the development speed of these technologies rapidly. We have some mentoring from the Alliance to help us look in the correct direction with all of our research. We are also getting warnings if we start to work toward something too dangerous.

If aliens are around the planet why we can’t see them?

They appear here and there but mostly they are in the 4th dimension as that is their original dimensional plane. While they are there we can’t sense them at all however they possess the technology to observe us in the 3rd dimension.

Can we live in the 4th dimension?

Humans can survive in the 4th dimension maximum of 22-26 hours. After then their body would start to dissolve on the atomic level as the 4th dimension have different vibration ( density ) and dimension ( mathematics ). As the physical laws are slightly different our body would become dysfunctional and eventually, this will lead to death. Visiting however for a few hours is possible even tho this experience even for highly trained people would be very disturbing as the environment there is simply overwhelming for humans perception. For example, they have a much wider visible light range and colors that our brain can’t even process. All the energetic and vibrational nature of the higher dimensions is highly destabilized the human mind and before we could actually adapt we gotta leave to not destroy our bodies. Aliens who are 4th dimensional, and invite to their ships 3rd-dimensional species like humans, usually create an artificial 3rd-dimensional area in their ship and use holograms to interact.

Are aliens bad or good?

There are positive aliens, neutral aliens, and very negative ones as well. There is diversity and different interests among them just like among humans. Good and bad are terms which are subjective and can be seen from many perspectives. For example, the Clairs ( Greys ) had an abduction program in the USA. They had a deal with the US government ( this is why only there happened this type of abductions ) that in exchange for some alien technology the US government allowed them to abduct humans in remote areas. The gray civilization has a clone-based reproduction. Every time they clone their DNA deteriorates and so their future depends on the integrity of their DNA. Human DNA is one of the most compatible in the universe and so it’s very useful for many humanoid species to restore their DNA by adding human DNA to it. So for us, these abductions are terrible for them life-saving…

What can save us from an alien invasion?

There are galactic forces and alliances that are responsible to protect all civilizations which are not yet reached the galactic level. As long our species thinks we are alone in the whole universe we are sort of incubated and protected from any huge planetary takeover. As soon we get to the galactic level we should join in some positive alliances. They can give us planetary protection long term. Essential that our human government study these alliances and make the right decision for joining. We are definitely not under any real direct threat. The greatest problems we had in the past comes from the human governments as they allowed some negative beings to do certain activities on our planet. Once we allow the negative aliens to come to interact with us, the protective galactic forces cant really interfere with it as it is part of our free will.

Why are we important for aliens as species?

It turns out the human DNA is artificially altered and being mixed with more than 13 different species ( some of them were hybrids ). This diversity of our DNA makeup makes it one of the most compatible DNA which appears to have a very high value on the galactic level. Many species’ futures depend on our survival because of our DNA makeup. If humans will extinct it will lead many other species to death. On the other hand on the galactic level, those species are the most biologically successful who have the most mixed and diverse DNA.

Also, we heard rumors from aliens about a prophecy that tells about a planet like us which is actually like a small version of the whole universe. Total diversity, different beliefs, languages, and religions no planetary unite, etc. So this planet appears to be super interesting to observe for aliens as all the problems and situations they face on a galactic level is existing here in a miniature incubated and isolated version. We don’t have memories about our past and we didn’t reach the galactic level yet. The solutions which we might find to survive can be a good, fresh, new model to solve similar problems on a galactic level. This makes the earth a very important and interesting place to observe.

What are the alien’s predictions for human evolution?

It appears that our evolution to the next level has a few milestones. First, we will become more emphatic which is the very beginning of telepathic communication. First, we will just feel what others can feel but later we can evolve in this direction to exchange information as well. This is the beginning of a real unite on earth. We speak so many languages and we have so many different beliefs telepathic communication and empathy are essential factors to unite our planet. Spiritual abilities and higher thought processes also help this process. Evolution in this direction is essential to stabilize our society.

How much does our government know about aliens?

They know about it and monitor it closely. The problem they facing is that even tho there is communication and meetings between the positive alliances and the human leaders ( usually 3-4 times a year ) the aliens talking about terms that our leaders can’t even comprehend. Aliens try to explain that they are here to support our evolution, ascension, make friendships and alliances and start to cooperate. However, our government want usually technology exchange ( which is not allowed anyways ) and protection or medical advancement but only for their circle. Aliens say they share only with everybody or no one on this planet. In the past, human leaders had more “success” to make deals with negative aliens as they did not follow galactic rules and give some very primitive alien tech or weapon in exchange for something very valuable for them. Usually, this opened for them some back door or even a chance to a planetary takeover. This will be part of real human history at some point in our existence.

Why our governments don’t want the first contact to happen?

The government is mostly populated by individuals who have more military or a very 3rd-dimensional mindset. Their thought process is more likely fear-based and anything which they think beyond their level is fearing. They also fear losing control over the population if aliens start to openly communicate, and show, how can be a society more sustainable and healthy. Also, experts in the government clearly see that the majority of the human population is just not ready yet.

What can we as normal citizens do to accelerate our human evolution?

The best we can do is to become the best version of ourselves, evolve our thought process and energy, and become more open. Helping others to reach their best version is also a great way to move forward. We can aim to achieve more human unity and connect with others. Our society needs to unite if we want to survive. Our group and research doing the same. We developing technology to support human evolution and aim to help with any global problem which is within our reach and know-how.

Scientific FAQ

What is the best way to understand the terminology of Dimensions and Densities?

Let just begin with the fact that among the different alien civilizations across different dimensions, there is no, unified theory that would describe dimensions and densities. There are many perspectives and all seem to be different in a way. However, there are common points which we can take as an initial reference for understanding the surrounding universe better.

Dimensions as terminology connected to mathematics. Each dimension has a slightly different mathematical preference which changes the whole experience as we move across different dimensions. There are mathematical theories which can be resolved in one dimension and prooven while in others not. These differences change the laws of physics and material behaviors. We are aware of 8 physical dimensions from 1D-7D and then another set till 12-14D those are considered non-physical dimensions. We are in the 3rd. Below the 3rd dimension, there is 2D and 1D. 2D has clearly different mathematics and also there are living species too. Those are using sound-based communication. For our brain hard to even imagine existing only in 2D Mathematics. We have below us the 1D which is let’s just say, pure chaos… We found it interesting that aliens were able to identify living beings in that dimension too but establishing communication was impossible. The 4th Dimension is above our 3rd-dimensional plate. There are many aspects that are very similar but much more extended. For instance wider color range ( colors we can’t even imagine ). The relative time is way faster too. However linear time is an illusion and the only time factor which is universal and connects everything is the now.

Densities as terminology are connected to vibration. There are different density ranges in each dimension. This terminology is easier to understand than the Dimensions. Each density has a vibrational range. This range defines all the physical and non-physical material/energy behavior. In higher densities, some less dense objects can be even passed through by beings who can change their vibration in their entire body ( consciously ). We don’t have a classification of the different densities but it might be in conjunction with the dimensional classification. Densities seem to be the dividers. We can interact with a density range but anything outside of this range is unreachable for us. One way to look at this is like radio bands. If we transmit on the same range as others do then we are interacting with that radio band. If we are on a higher vibrational range we are not even receiving them and not able to interact directly. The ascension process means we can shift our vibration to the next Density level where we stop existing on this plane and appear on a higher one. This is being done by some Tibetan monks after years of isolation and meditation. Most of the time we are born into certain densities and dimensions. Leaving it in one physical life is extremely rare and hard to do on an individual level. The only exception is if the collective on a planet rises together then this makes entire worlds able to ascend to the next density level. This phenomenon happens very rarely but it’s an extraordinary event for any species who going through this. Aliens tend to talk a lot about this event and wish us to happen to us soon.

Are the different dimensions and densities connected or interconnected?

Let’s say, what would happen if in a 3rd-dimensional place we would release a huge amount of energy (like exploding a nuclear bomb). If we could observe the same location in the 4th dimension/density then what would happen? Based on what we know so far there would happen nothing invasive. What would happen is this. A great amount of energy would influence the other dimension a little bit as each dimension has overlapping mathematics. If we could observe it on that day there could be slightly a more warm day or having some weather phenomena or little disturbances. But it would be barely noticeable. There are technologies allowing different species to switch dimensions and densities. Using this technology they can fly into stars by shifting to a dimensional plane where that star doesn’t have a physical form. In this way, they can be in the same location and observe internally a star or collect data and study it without having to withstand a huge amount of pressure and heat. So using this understanding we can say the dimensions are interconnected by the overlapping mathematics. Also, they have such a difference that the events in one dimension have just a very little effect on the other dimension. There is only one force in the universe having an effect across all dimensions. That’s gravity.

What is the fundamental function of gravity?

Gravity appears to be a unified force across dimensions. On each physical dimension, it has a stabilization function. Each space/time position in the universe has aspects in different dimensions and densities. These points seem to be held together. This means if you would now be able to switch to the 4th dimension and come back to the 3rd, you would arrive at the same location. So it appears dimensions transform are connected. Dimensions are like sheets of textile layers on top of each other. Without having any force keeping them together as a unified anchor they would float away. But how gravity keeps dimensional planes fixed together as there are objects ( planets, stars ) in some dimensions but in others, they don’t have aspects. The answer is the black holes. Every galaxy center has a super heavy black hole. This black hole has such gravitational force that keeps all the dimensional plates held together. Their position in the center is also highly functional as it evenly distributes gravitational force. Like a pin through multiple sheets of paper. In reality, black holes move around and float in space but their energy dynamically keeps things anchored together. This gravitational force seems to affect all physical dimensions but we are not yet discovered how it’s affecting the non-physical dimensions.