Interdimensional Communication System


 The Story behind the prototype development and technology

Many years ago we had a dream that we found an other way for communication with benevolent beings besides the Channeling. Affter many year development and channeled communicationIMG_2129 (1) we found a way using our new technology to create an inter dimensional  telegraph. The system is very limited and it needs a cooperation from the other side. As we create a modulated energy vortex which also appears in higher dimension we got the idea that creating a communication protocol we could pass trough messages. Affter  many channeling session we created a new communication protocol and passed the encoding methods for our friends. After some adjustments they were able to attach their sensors to our transmitter and the modulation become the signal/information carrier. We established this Wegpage and developed a unique client front-end surface to allow everyone to send their messages directly onto a mother ship. The messages will be processed by our servers and submitted to the broadcast system we developed usually within an hour if our server is online. We have developed so far successfully the sending part of the technology and the messages arriving with 70-80% success. We resend each message 3 times to provide more signal probe on the other side. This system is a one way communication now and the receiving part is under development.

Terms of Use

1, Available characters for message composing:
” – abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!,.?´_()%/”
only use lower case characters no ABCD just abcd…

2, Message length cant be over 600 character.

3, We broadcasts these messages using a QVM technology ( Quantum Vortex Modulation ). Girk Fit Niir monitors our broadcasting signal and recording the messages we broadcast. We definedIMG_2319gfn through channeling a modulation protocol for sending short messages. Be aware every species can detect the signal and decode it.

5, Any negative or violent type of message will ban your device ID so you cant use the messaging service in the Future.

6, This is a beta test phase of the system. If our filters will show a lot of negative message or negative intention we will close the system and only allowing trough registration to use it.

7, You can only send one message in ever hour. ( This is a restriction to avoid overloading the server )

For further assistance you can contact with us via mail:

Can I send messages ?

Yes , we are in beta test phase with the transmitter so you can submit your messages and on the other side they will read your message. You can also test the system on private channeling sessions with Jim Charles.

So how do I submit my messages for broadcasting?

Simply use the link bellow it will launch the client application in your internet browser. Simply connect to the server and submit your message. If our server is offline you will see in the application and you will be not able to submit any message.

First step:

>> Launch the Communication Hub Client ( beta version )<<<

How to use

First launch the client application it will open in a new tab. Then click on the “Connect to the server…” button once the application is loaded. The system makes a few server check so it can happen you have to click on this “Connect to the server…” button more times before it establish a successful connection.If you launch first time you will see the terms of use of the application.  Once the system is loaded you can see two button. “Submit a new message” button  and an “Open Pending Message List” button. If you already submitted a message then after a few minute it will appear in the end of the pending list , if not then you might need to restart your browser because it had to clear up the chance files to see your message ( Mostly happens on Mac OS )   . If it´s status is pending then its in the waiting line for transmission or if it´s say “Sent” then you can be sure your message already transmitted. IMPORTANT NOTE: The message transmission success depending on the atmospheric conditions and on the sun CME activities.  If you see over Europe a great weather issue perhaps submit your message more following days to make sure it will reach them. The system is under development so many change can come up over time.