Legacy Coils

Our first prototypes  ( developed before 2017 )

The description about the different legacy coils

These coils were our first prototypes and the results of our engineering and research. Based on these devices we were able to gather enough information and test results to develop the new generation emitters which are much more precise , advanced and durable.

General description of these coils : In general, all coil types are  suited for every kind of energy ,spiritual or mental work however ,some coil geometry does have a certain scalar pattern which affects us in some areas a lot more stronger.  With the the different coil types and their geometric alignments , we can affect certain areas way more intensely  and for this we can create specific coils for some specific areas and purposes.  The coils shapes and geometry  were channeled or seen  in  astral memories. This is how we have access to these formations and ideas.

Bellow see the different type of coils we experimented with so far

Hybrid Scalar Emitter – “The Energetic Booster”


This emitter is designed in a special way. The multiple zero point vortices on the top plate create a special harmonic interference which results in  a  boosted emission. This coil creates a clockwise rotating field around the coil. The coils geometric pattern accuracy is 0.02mm.  On the bottom plate there is a bifilar Tesla coil which makes a beneficial electromagnetic field. This coil provides for the body the strongest spiritual energies and also affects the body even on the physical level. This coil is perfect for healing, increasing overall health , boosting our reiki energies, balancing or charging ourselves and is excellent for channeling and communications. This coil type has the most intense effect on the overall body as it operates with multiple scalar wave patterns and electromagnetic fields. This is why it is very useful for healing, and for any kind of energetic work. This invention is part of the new Earth reiki grid. So the more coils we have of this type on Earth,the more energy we can channel through as it creates a grid around Gaia. Every coil opens a small energetic portal, so this is beneficial for us and for the environment as long we use it with a positive and loving intention. We suggest this kind of coil for those who feel much love for Earth and for the Human collective and want to increase their personal energy level and increase their influence energetically. Since this coil boosts every part of us it is very useful for any kind of intention and spiritual development.

Arcturus Scalar Emitter – “The Mind Booster”


This emitter design was channeled and given by the Arcturian collective. The special kind of triangular coils and trihex coils according  to the Arcturian´s, helps our mental evolution. It can increase our  understandings about the universe, open new areas in our brain,increase our ability  to understand higher densities and spiritual concepts , speed up our mind flow and thought processes, increase our creativity, our imagination and any kind of mental work. This has the strongest effect on the pineal gland and so far this is the most powerful for channeling and for receiving and translating  any higher dimensional information that our human brains receive. The hexagonal trihex coils are generating  a very beneficial scalar pattern which is in alignment with our human brain.  We are using just 1-2% of our brain capacity . This kind of coil can assist us on the long term to increase this value to a higher level. Every person who uses it  may experience  new thought patterns and also  may  start getting new ideas/downloads, more easily and this coil type will help us to enjoy the exploration of our own mental and psychic abilities. Since everybody is different in mind this coil may affect every person differently and triggering different areas in their mind. This is why this coil needs more intention ,focus and awareness to work with more efficiently.

ITQ-Emitter – “A Rediscovered Technology From The Egyptian Time”



This coil is not new on Earth but it was  forbidden over the past decades. According to the alien information,  this coil in this form existed in the Egyptian time where many alien interactions had taken  place between humans and the different extraterrestrial races. The coils were way bigger in size  and were being used for transportation and energetic work. We discovered that this is so far the most powerful coil we have tested. It is suited for all kind of energetic work and since it’s almost 8-10 times more strong and effective as the other coils we can suggest it for any kind of work. This coil is designed for higher power as well. It is even able to be  driven with 60W sinus power. This can create a 45-55m radius field and it is very capable to make your body less dense. As you are in this field you are in a less dense energetic environment and your body will be able to integrate more 4th dimensional energy. Also it can energize your body depending on your state of being up to +30-40%.  We even realized that we were overcharged so we had to deactivate the field after several uses. The coil is able to improve your sleeping pattern while using  the Solfeggio frequency sequence. We realized every time we used it at a higher power we woke up 2-3 hours earlier than what is normal in our sleeping patterns. We felt very rested more than ever but we had to keep in mind that we can reach an overcharged state quickly, which is just as unfavorable as sleeping too long.    We noticed the strength of this coil but so far we haven’t pointed out its specialties. We are keeping our tests running and once we understand  the benefits more of this kind of coil we will update this information.



Rapture Scalar Emitter – “High mathematical precision for the perfect vortex geometry ”


We wanted to create a perfect mathematically aligned vortex generator. This coil is meant to generate a counter clockwise rotational field .  This type of coil transmitting  source  type of energy which can be very usefully for transforming and dealing even with emotions.   As this is a new type of coil the more experience we have with it the more we can share about here.

We also recently finished with the Rapture 3D Scalar Emitter Bellow you can see a couple image about it and also check out the the Vortex Simulation we created about this coil. Alone the video is very uplifting as you see how the energy fields looks like.

Vortex Simulation Video


Dodecahedron Experimental Quantum Coil Array


This is the most complex shape we attempted to build. So far what we experienced is that this coil with the 12 interlocking 5D Quantum coil makes a very special effect. The coil center is a spherical Chrystal which radiate the energy outwards in between the coil plates.  We used the black color as mirrors for the energy radiation inside of the coil .