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You can connect the emitter directly to your PC ( via the headphone connector ) or you can use your Android or Apple phone.  The emitters can only connected to any phone if the phone have a 3.5mm Audio output connector. If this not existing then you can use alternatively a Bluetooth dongle. Download our driver application from the Google Play Store or from the AppStore. We also made a pc version for macOS and for Windows pc.

Mobile versions


Google Play Store – Scalar Field Generator

Store Link:


Apple App Store – Scalar Field Generator

( search in the App store “Scalar Field Generator”)


PC/MAC (WebGL ) Browser version

Scalar Field Generator browser version. You can open the application in your web browser ( MAC and Win ).  This web app is identical to the Android version. Some functions might be limited due to the different browser versions and restrictions.

Link to the web app:

Scalar Field Generator – WebGL Application


Application Update ( V 1.2 ) ( Available for IOS and Android )

A new application update rolled out recently for IOS and Android where many bugs were solved and we added a few new functions. We added:

  • A 2 channel custom frequency generator working in the range from (2Hz to 14Khz )
  • New programs
  • GUI Update
  • Emitter Library
  • User Feedback from
  • Adjustable text size ( new buttons added )
  • Customized Sequence interval






*Application screenshots