Scientific test results

Below you can find some of the publicly available test results we made in the last year using Scalar Emitters and Water Implosion systems.

The Scalar Field in combination with several other water implosion technology created very impressive test results on plants that can help on industrial-grade to reduce overall water consumption in the agricultural industry. Also, plants’ metabolism was speeded up almost by +50%. This results in faster growth and greater yield rates while using water much more efficiently.

Laboratory trials using Scalar Emitters and Upterra water Imploders. UpTerra LLC. USA

The SFG Research Lab works closely together with Upterra to deliver industrial-grade solutions to humanity’s water problems and create healthier food that requires fewer pesticides. Using structured water makes the plants more resistant and extends their survival capabilities in drought conditions. The first generation of these systems are already available on the market and we working on the next generations which are even more sophisticated and efficient. See below some of the control and treatment comparisons.

Structured Water effect on plants – Collaboration between SFG Athervibes LLC. and UpTerra LLC. Research Lab
Structured Water effect on plants – Collaboration between SFG Athervibes LLC. and UpTerra LLC. Research Lab
Results show +38% Growing rate / -30% Water usage / 30-50% more yield
Scalar field tests on plants growing ( 35-44% grow acceleration on the treated side )
Research results on the water – by Reza Givsan ( Upterra LLC. USA )

The Scalar Field is a non-electromagnetic phenomenon. Measuring this type of field is difficult when not impossible. The best way to observe the field is to observe its effect indirectly. One of the best natural elements is water and it is responding to scalar radiation very quickly. Nevertheless, the human body is more than 60% water ( bones 31%, brain and heart 73%, lungs 83% ). If we want to extrapolate how the human body is being affected by the scalar field then the best way to observe the water reaction. The scalar field has an amazing structuring and harmonizing effect ( depending on its energy and frequency ) and so it has a high capability to affect the human body on the basic structural level. In our experiments, we made water samples and subjected them to scalar radiation. The structured water changed its pH level, harmonized the molecular level surface tension, and changed the minerals crystallization pattern as the results suggest. Drinking this water have a positive impact on health and shows how the scalar field can harmonize the human body on the molecular level.
Glucose is soluble in water and prevents water crystallization. When the water evaporates from the solution the dried-out geometry tells us much about the scalar imprinted energy of the atomic structure.

We collected a huge amount of data and have great results. Unfortunately, many data analysis is under NDA-s so we cant share those publicly.

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