Technology Applications

The research

The scalar field research project has been started in early 2013. Since 2020 we have established an international research team and labs that are in cooperation and based in the USA and Europe. With the scalar emitters, we went through many versions and iterations and progressively made them more functional as well as more efficient. The research of this type of energy is being tested and observed by a few thousand spiritually sensitive people/users. Our human and plant-based trials have been successful to convince us that this technology can greatly serve people and nature in several very important areas. The main focus of the project was helping people to grow spiritually, energetically, mentally and improve their overall well-being, and thought process. The other area of the research was to find out which way this technology can help to heal humans and nature as well. We realized that besides the physical healing there are other aspects of healing that are not yet addressed by the mainstream but even tho it has a huge impact on some individual life. We found out that healing emotional traumas, energetic traumas, or simply healing problems caused by the misalignment of the different energy areas in the body can be supported well by this technology. This energy acts as a booster that has the potential to boost the user’s intentions and natural healing energy. We have many very promising results in industrial applications such as structuring water which can help improve the yields in agriculture and significantly reduce water usage. We keep researching the scalar phenomena and developing devices and finding more applications that can greatly serve humanity. 

Discovered Industrial Applications

Scalar field effect on water

The Scalar Field in combination with several other water implosion technology created very impressive results on plants that can help on industrial-grade to reduce overall water consumption in the agricultural industry. Also, plants’ metabolism was speeded up almost by +50%. This results in faster growth and greater yield rates while using water much more efficiently.

The SFG Research Lab ( AetherVibes LLC. ) works closely together with Upterra to deliver industrial-grade solutions to humanity’s water problems and create healthier food that requires fewer pesticides. Using structured water makes the plants more resistant and extends their survival capabilities in drought conditions. The first generation of these systems are already available on the market and we working on the next generations which are even more sophisticated and efficient. See below some of the control and treatment comparisons.

Structured Water effect on plants – Collaboration between SFG Athervibes LLC. and UpTerra LLC. Research Lab

Discovered community and group healing applications

Our intention is to bring people together and create positive and high vibrational fields in public areas which are accessible for everyone. We working on a new SFG Monolith system that can fill its surrounding with highly beneficial fields. This is a complex energetic imprinting system that can be set up to generate certain types of energetic signatures. For example in an Airport environment, it will radiate calming energy which helps people reduce their stress. In nature, it can generate healing fields that can support humans, animals, and also plant life.

Discovered creative applications

For music producers, music lovers, and sound therapists this type of scalar emitter technology offers a new expansion layer to their senses and experience. The emitters can be directly driven by a second amplifier and radiating scalar vibrations according to the input signal which can be music, chanting, or any type of instrument. This type of radiation makes the music or audio signal affecting directly our energy field and so we can create better music harmonic and dynamic and have more uplifting vibes.

Scalar Extender for PA sound systems.

Discovered benefits for humans

For what is scalar and quantum energy usable? –  A few examples of what we discovered and became aware of through the experiments and through our research project.

  • Improving the overall  health of the human body 
  • Improving productivity and creativity.
  • Energising and stabilizing your body ( physical / light body/chakra system)
  • Increasing and amplifying joy and happiness and helping boost the overall human vibrational level.
  • Supporting and amplifying the energetic healing processes such as Reiki and distance healing.
  • DNA repair – We are able to realign the physical aspect of the DNA to its pure energetic blueprint, this helps the damaged DNA sequences recover.
  • Recover Brain Neuroplasticity and helps the brain build new pathways. Also, people reported with brain damage a huge improvement in their condition using Scalar Field.
  • Environmental energetic emulation. Since we are aware of the Earth and rainforest frequencies we can emulate these vibrational patterns in our home and we can feel as we would be in a forest in an energetic sense. Many testers reported cold airflow and very good feelings while the device was set on the  Rainforest frequency.
  • Increasing dream remembrance / lucid dreaming. Most of our prototype increases and boosts the brain synapses and creates a clearer field for the astral body. As the field boost, the human brain and Pineal gland peoples can remember and tap into significantly more of their dreams and astral trips. We had an increase of 0-3 to  5-12 dream total recall every night as we used the device at some specific frequencies.
  • Increasing intuition, imagination, channeling abilities, telepathic skills, and telekinesis.  This type of energy seems to help unlock some of the unused brain areas. Most people use just a few percent of their brain capacity. This energy seems to trigger our brain and some new function will become slowly activated.
  • Connecting people and groups around the globe by using the same vibration signature and creating an interconnected Scalar portal grid. This function can be used for group meditation, group healing, and connecting our energies for any purpose. We would like to use this group meditation solution for healing Gaia.
  • This type of technology makes it possible to directly in-print the Theta field in our brain for deep meditation. During your deep sleep state, your brain frequency slows down to 6Hz.  Since we can’t hear these vibrations such as 6Hz it’s hard to stimulate the brain with sound which is outside of our perception. With the Scalar Field, we can easily create a very strong Theta field around us which allows us to go into a very deep meditative state.
  • Generating similar energy signatures ( on the correct vibration ) like our chakra field can absorb so it acts as an artificial energy source ( can act as a second heart from the energetic aspect ).
  • While the emitters operate it creates as a side effect higher dimensional energy radiation in which the person is subjected to less 3rd-dimensional energy pressure. This lighter energetic Environment helps spiritual peoples to gain their spiritual abilities and absorb more 4th-dimensional energy. We believe this can be very useful as we heading theoretically toward ascension and 4th Dimension. The higher dimensional environment seems to support any healing process as it puts the body into a less dense energy area and allows more resources to be directed to the healing process. Much of our body’s energy goes directly to stand out the density we are in. So when people are in a less dense environment it seems to allow the body to breathe up a bit and use the energy more for other functions. This seems one of the most useful side effects of this technology and also appeared to affect people who are less spiritually sensitive.
  • The generators can be used also to strengthen communication, spiritual perception, sleep, unlocking brain functions, supporting any change we desire, and speed up the process.

Discovered Application for Healers

We found this type of energy excellent to boost any healing session. We have many healers in our community who utilize while their sessions scalar radiation. This technology can greatly boost the healer’s energy level as well as support the patient’s healing process. The combination of a healer and a scalar emitter makes the session much more effective. There are many different types of healing sessions that can benefit greatly from this technology.

  • Energy Healers ( Reiki, Prana )
  • Healing bowls sessions. In these sessions, the bowl sound can be real-time transformed into scalar radiation. This adds a new layer and vibration to the session.
  • Medical Beds ( by placing the emitters under a medical bed or massage bed the emitters can support the patient energy level and make the session more efficient.