Scalar Field Generator

 The scalar energy research project

A Group of spiritual engineers and companies around the world aimed to make research and study in the field of etheric/quantum/scalar energy /energy healing. The research scope was to study new types of energies and try to recreate/generate and understand them better. We got excited about creating technology that is based on our astral memories and channeled information. It is quite a challenge and exciting to try to bring these ideas into our 3rd-dimensional reality and make them work using our traditional development tools and engineering understanding.  On this page, you can find information about the progress of the research and some demonstration about what type of devices/ emitters we built to generate the scalar field and quantum vortexes.  So far we have 8 years of research behind us and many hours of development/experimentation. Our focus is on learning how these energies working with the human body, supporting people’s spiritual development and increasing overall health and boosting our brain, and gain more understanding and skills. We have labs in the USA and Europe where we perform scientific trials and experiments. We working on the whole series of products for customer usage as well as industrial applications.

If you are interested in the Scalar Field Emitters and the possible applications of this technology then you can learn more about it here.

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News / Updates

We created a short clip that demonstrates how the latest version of the Crystal Light Booster looks like.


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