Scalar Field Generator


 The energy research Project

A Group of spiritual engineer aimed to make a research and study in the field of the etheric / quantum / scalar energy / quantum energy healing . The aim was to study new type of energies and try to recreate / generate them. The goal was to create technology which is based on astral memories and channeled informations. On this page you can find information about the progress of the research and some demonstration about what type of devices energy emitters we built to generate scalar field and quantum vortexes.  So far we have 5 years of research behind us and many hours of development / experimentation. The focus is to learn how these energies working with the human body , supporting peoples spiritual development and increasing overall health.

Below you can find many different type of emitter we experimented with  and a short description what we observed by these prototypes.

Our Prototypes and the research

In general, all coil ( Emitter ) types are  suited for every kind of energy ,spiritual or mental work however ,some coil geometry does have a certain energy pattern which affects us in some areas way more stronger. Every part of us has a certain energetic geometry pattern.  With the the different coil types and their geometric alignments , we can affect certain areas way more intensely  and for this we can create specific coils for some specific areas and purposes.  The coils shapes and geometry  were channeled or seen  in  astral memories. This is how we have access to these formations and ideas. 


The quantum coil invented by Tesla is  in use nowadays in deeps space communications ( NASA Researches ) and in Quantum Computers in the Entangled-State Generation phase. We realised that this type of self canceling coil have a direct effect on the quantum level and so it have an effect on our human body as our brain  work partially like a quantum computer / antenna. Spiritual abilities and telepathic communications / channeling  happening on higher quantum  layers which we still not understand and marked as “hocus pocus” partially. Thanks for the alien channeling we have a better understanding of this realm and how its working so we were able to head to the right direction with our development.

Ongoing developments and experiments in 2019  ( short description )

VisualisationCurrently we are experimenting with scalar water tubes. We realised we can generate scalar waves with fluid movement just like as with electrons movement. This brought us to the idea to research this area and currently we try to build some prototype to be able to test this direction. Also we are developing a new coil geometry.  We resonated well with the Padovan Triangle sequence ( see on wikipedia ) geometry and now we try to develop based on this mathematical sequence a quantum coil. See bellow the picture about the design plans we made so far.

ScalarWaterTubeGIFFor this prototype we used 3D printing which is indeed very challenging when it comes to water resistance. We placed bellow the Quantum Tube a coil which aligns the water molecules in one direction ( more or less ) . This gives for the water a more aligned structure and also theoretically make the water more suited for generating Electro Magnetic field as the molecules are aligned and less chaotic. This is so far our theory with the upcoming tests and experiments will tell if we think in the right direction or not. It is indeed very challenging producing a water proof 3D print but when finally we able to print one it represent very well how in our other coils the electrons moving. We assume this approach to Quantum energy might be more close to the type of energy what our heart generates. In our heart chambers the blood moves in opposite directions and works like  a fluid based mobius quantum coil . We attempt to to do something similar like our heart does now.



To read more about the ongoing Developments please visit the Development Blog page

News ( latest updates )

We are done with the new coil designs ( PDV / Rapture Async ) and now the testing phase began as soon we have our test results we will share on this page.










Application Update ( V 1.2 ) ( Now available for IOS and Android )

A new application update rolled out recently for IOS and Android where many bugs were solved and we added a few new function. We added:

  • A 2 channel custom frequency generator working in the range from (2Hz to 14Khz )
  • New programs
  • GUI Update
  • Emitter Library
  • User Feedback from
  • Adjustable text size ( new buttons added )
  • Customized Sequence interval


*Application screenshots 

The new generation of the Scalar Field Emitters

Our experiments and continuous development helped us to create more sophisticated and precise Emitters. The Emitters listed bellow are the most recent technology we experimenting with and learning about. These coils we use to test new vibrations and based on the user feedbacks we gathered a lot of information about the positive effects.

ITQ-Emitter V2



The new version is an improved ITQE legacy coil. Each plate is double layered which means on each plate there is a full size Triangular Quantum Coil and on the second layer there is 6 secondary  coil in array so in summary the new emitter contains 28 triangular quantum coil. The main coil generate the bigger energy vortex and the secondary coils focusing and amplifying its energy. In this geometrical overlapping we increased the energy field focus efficiency . This results a stronger emission.  This coil design is smaller as the original ITQE design but more efficient and strong. The only disadvantage is that it cant carry bigger spherical crystals but we designed on a way that it can be built 2 coil together and become more powerful ( see on the image bellow )



Our ITQ-Emitter V2 in action . We experimenting with a new harmonic sound library. We are using the new emitters to not just hear but to feel the vibrations and music we create. We aim to find new modulated sound samples in order to drive the coils on a new way. We drive the coils with a 20Watt Hi-Fi amplifier which is directly connected to our master output. So we play tones and music directly on the coils and we observe how the energy of the vibration affecting our body and energy. We believe this system can support any music producer in order to sense better how the music impact the body and energy. We clearly feel how different is the real A tone ( 432Hz ) and the industry A tone ( 440Hz ) . Of course the real geometrical correct A tone on 432Hz feels way better as the 440Hz.



The Same system using the new FRD Coils.


FRD-Emitter  – The energy fractal plate


This coil contains 145 Quantum coil in a fractal design.  This coil is the most strongest coil we ever built. The fractal design allows the coil to boost itself. The main coil in the center creates the vortex while the side coils in the fractal pattern creating an energy compression and stabilisation effect. This coil were developed from the Arcturus coil . Users reported many spiritual and healing benefits. There are some groups around the world who are using this technology for group therapy and meditation. On the bottom of this page you will find a few picture about this coil and how people used to integrate into a greater crystal creation.



ITQE V2 and the FRD Emitter next to each other ( for size comparison )


FRD Base Plate  – The standalone base plate of the FRD 3D Emitter. 


FRDBase_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter02 FRDBase_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter04


PDV-Emitter   ( Coming soon – Under development ) (  *Dual Channel  Emitter )

This new emitter design is part of the new generation we working on. This coil will have the ability to driven both layer with different vibration. For this we develop the proper application as well.



PDV_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter05 PDV_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter03 PDV_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter04


Rapture Async – Emitter  (  *Dual Channel  Emitter )

This new emitter design is part of the new generation we working on. This coil will have the ability to driven both layer with different vibrations.

First experiences: We had the opportunity to test the emitter and making different experiments. The energy field feels unlike to any other coil we developed in the last 4 years.  This  coil  design is based on the Tesla Quantum coil where the electrons moving in opposite direction . We successfully created with the Legacy Rapture coil a rotating energy field . That coil resulted a galaxy looking spinning vortex. In this coil we developed the concept further and now we have 2 opposite directional spinning vortex on top of each other. This results very intense experiences. As we turned on with high energy the emitter it caused immediate goosebumps and we felt something brand new. It seems this type of field is more “Organic” and it seems our body can absorb this type of energy easier as we very fast adopted to the field.  There is much to explore / experiment with and we only tested with single channel mode so far. In the next experiments we will explore how the dual channel mode affects the field characteristic.


RAPTURE_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter01 RAPTURE_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter02 RAPTURE_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter03 RAPTURE_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter04 RAPTURE_Quantum_Healing_Scalar_Field_Emitter05


*Dual Channel  Emitter Driver application image



Check out our Scalar Field Generator – Facebook page for more updates and information about our recent works, developments and research. If you have any question or you just want to read user experiences then you  can visit our new Research Community Forum

The different 2D emitters next to each other


( Emitters : RAPTURE ASYNC / PDV / FRD Eemitters )


About the Scalar Field

For what is scalar and quantum energy usable ? –  A few example what we discovered and became aware through alien channeling and trough our research project.

    • Improving the overall  health of the Human body 
    • Energising and stabilising your body ( physical / light body / chakra system)
    • Increasing and amplifying joy and happiness and helping boost overall human vibrational level.
    • Supporting and amplifying the energetic  healing processes such as Reiki and distance healing.
    • DNA repair – We are able to  realign ( with a 432 Hz /0.75mW scalar field )  the physical aspect of the DNA to its pure energetic blueprint, this helps  the damaged DNA sequences recover.
    • Helps to cure cancer ( not proved clinically  )  – Every person who suffers with cancer needs to realign his emotional and energetic body and then it needs to heal the damaged cells. This technology probably can support the individuals at almost every stage. From the energetic balancing till the cells recovering. This technology surprisingly somehow triggers the placebo effect of the human mind and boost it. This can cause many miraculous  healing improvement. Cancer is a special disease because  the cancer cells become able to hide themselves from the immune system and appear as normal cells. The immune system normally able to catch cancer cells and remove them from the body but some cancer cells can develop and mutate on a way that the immune system will be unable to detect them.  In this case boosting the immune system “intelligence” by using scalar energy and speed up the immune system evolvement might be a good side treatment. 
    • Recover Brain Neuroplasticity and helps the brain build new pathways. Also people reported with brain damage a huge improvement in their condition using Scalar Field.
    • Environmental energetic emulation. Since we are aware of the Earth and rain-forest frequencies we can emulate these vibrational patterns in our home and we can feel as we would be in a forest in an energetic sense. Many testers reported cold airflow and very good feelings while the device was set on the  Rainforest frequency.
    • Increasing dream remembrance / lucid dreaming. Most of our prototype  increases and boosts the brain synapses  and creates a clearer field for the astral body . As the field boost the human brain and Pineal gland  peoples can remember and tap into significantly more of their dreams and astral trips . We had an increase of 0-3 to  5-12 dream total recall every night as we used the device at some specific frequencies.
    • Increasing intuition, imagination , channeling abilities , telepathic skills, and telekinesis.  This type of energies seems to help unlock some of the unused brain area. Most people use just a few precent of their brain capacity. This energy seems to trigger our brain and some new function will become slowly activated.
    • Connecting peoples and groups around the globe by using the same vibration signature and creating an interconnected Scalar portal grid. This function can be used for group meditation , group healing and connecting our energies for any purpose. We would like to use this group meditation solution for healing Gaia.
    • This type of technology makes possible to directly in-print Theta field  in our brain for deep meditation. During your deep sleep state your brain frequency slows down to 6Hz.  Since we can’t hear this vibrations such as 6Hz it’s hard to stimulate the brain with sound which is outside of our perception. With the Scalar Field we can easily create a very strong Theta field around us which allows us  to go into a very deep meditative state.
    • Generating similar energy signatures ( on the correct vibration ) like our chakra field can absorb so it acts like an artificial energetic energy source ( can act like a second heart from the energetic aspect ) .
    • While its Operating it creates an energy Vortex which on the proper energy input can create portals (  energetic on low level or even physical if we would use Megawatts of energy to drive it ) Tesla actually did this and created a visible portal which was the point when the government locked him down according some information we heard. We mainly focus on the low level energy input so we only want to achieve very gentle and smooth energy signature which is easy to absorb by our body.
    • While the emitters operates it creates as side effect a higher dimensional energy radiation in which the person is subjected less 3rd dimensional energy pressure. This lighter energetic Environment helps tendentiously spiritual peoples to gain their spiritual abilities and absorb more 4th dimensional energy. We believe  this can be very useful as we heading theoretically  toward ascension and 4th Dimension. The higher dimensional environment seems to support any healing process as it puts the body into a less dense energy area and allows more resources to be directed to the healing process. Much of our body energy goes directly to stand out the density we are in. So when people  are in a less dense environment it seems to allow the body to breath up a bit and use the energy more for other things. This seems one of the most useful side effect in this technology and also appeared to affect people who are less spiritually sensitive.
    • The generators can be used also to strengthen communication , spiritual perception, sleep ,unlocking brain functions , supporting any change we desire and speed up the process.
    • The technology also act as a natural energy amplifier since the field directly influenced by our intention and thoughts  and emotions ( interlinked , filtered  and amplified by Clear Quarz Crystals ) . If we want to boost anything we do this technology can help with that.. As downside it can also amplify negative feelings and make depression worst if the user is not aware or keep a negative mindset.

About the experimental technology

This technology is created from a combined collection of  knowledge from different areas such as crystal programming, scalar fields ,energy vortex dynamics , higher dimensional energy portals and alien communications .  Several times we channeled Nikola Tesla and a few other alien also who gave us some suggestions for the development and experiments.

For the Human perception , the energy/crystal vortex is not visible yet , since it is a multidimensional phenomena.  For the multidimensional beings this field is visible since their perception is way more advanced than ours. This makes it more difficult to develop and understand this technology because we cannot observe the field directly but  with time we can observe the side effects. This is why  it is so essential to interact with friendly aliens and with advanced spirits like Nikola because they can give us some information and help while we research and test. Of course they can’t give us any deeper understandings because that would go against the Galactic rules and our own soul desire but they can slightly help and guide us on our path.

This technology operates on 0.6-0.8mW signal power depending on the modulation. This creates a 1.4-2.5 meter radius field approximately in 25-35 min. The field is progressive in characteristic which means it needs time to create and build up the desired energy field size.  Using the proper modulation the emitters creating a  efficient and healthy field. Once we turn off the signal ( detaching our phone ) the crystal will keep up the field for a few days if we leave it in the same position. This field among with our intention is usable for various areas of  spiritual work. Using maximum 20-30W Hi-Fi amplifiers to drive the prototypes let the emitters generate a 30-40m field size. Based on our observation using more energy than 50W become contra-verse for the human body and overcharging it. are using two different coil types, one is the Tesla Bifilar coil , the other is the same coil but we wired it differently and we create a  quantum vortex with the self canceling field. In the above diagram ,  you can see how the electrons move in the coil when we use a 5 Hz Sine signal. The two coils  have the same effect in the spiritual sense but the Quantum coil is much more multidimensional and the Zero Point energy field  it makes is more powerful. The Bifilar coil behaves liked a self charging capacitor as the electrons move in the inner spiral and then we reloop it with the second spiral. It becomes self charged as a result inside the coil and  creates a pulse at each signal phase peak. So it is a self boosting coil.  On the end of the normal coils you have less potential as in the beginning. This Bifilar coil has the same potential on both ends because of the self charging characteristic. This results in a way stronger electromagnetic field emission. Using the crystals and the magnets we amplify it and the field can spread even greater. So the Bifilar coil creates a field by itself which is beneficial for the Human body and energizes it.  The Quantum Coil is actually a self canceling field. You can’t measure any electromagnetic field around the coil. This creates a Zero Point Vortex which is way more stronger and have a greater effect. In this case we use the energy to sustain an energetic fountain which allows the energies to come through.  With this we create a small energetic portal and we use its radiation for the healing and such. So regarding our usage the main difference is , the Bifilar coil can turn the invested energy directly into an electromagnetic field, and the Quantum coil sustains a multidimensional portal/vortex for the higher energies and the crystal filters them and spreads them. Both are beneficial but the Bifilar coil need less attention to what you do mentally and the second one is highly connected to your intention. Since this works directly with you and connects you to higher energies you need to be aware of what  you do. The Bifilar coil solution has a greater effect on the physical body and the Quantum coil has a stronger effect on the spiritual / astral body.  So for the more spiritual people we would suggest the Quantum coil and for those who just want to use it for health we recommend the Bifilar coil solution.  If you have any more in depth questions  about this technology you can connect with us via mail.

Is this technology safe?

Yes it is safe if the emitters are used less than 50W input power. Nevertheless since we are working with an amplified crystal grid and multidimensional energies we  need to be aware about the proper usage as well. The biggest risk what we discovered, comes with  high power usage.  The amplified and modulated crystal grid and Scalar  field have a strong effect on the human body and emotions and energetic field. The device is capable to amplify your emotions and mental state. Absorbing this type of beneficial energy highly depends on the individual believe systems. For instance a person who have a skeptical mindset seems to naturally reject the energy field and blocking itself from it.  We don’t  recommend  anyone to use such device while you are dealing with  negative emotions or while  you have a distracted mindset. The device is capable to amplify your negative feelings and thoughts too.  Using this or similar technology means you play with your own energetic system so use it wisely.

Case studies and research results

As we discovered out of  10 people 8 can sense the field on different levels 20% of them is fully aware about the field and can use it immediately and the 10% of the users can not sense anything and they might think that  the emitter is  not even working. We found the similar conjunctions in the EEG ( Electroencephalography ) system where you can drive a robotic arm with your brainwaves. There is 10% of the people who are not even trainable or capable to use their brain waves to move a robotic arm. Actually the scientists don’t know what the reason  is behind this but we got the similar statistic from the people who use our emitters already.  We have enough experience by our active users reports to say this field is beneficial on many level but also not necessarily perceptible for all of us. You can not sense the field on low energy, if so maybe  just slightly ,but as you connect to it mentally and spiritually you will start to feel the presence of it.  With long term usage of  it , it supports any kind of healing , spiritual development, mental development as it was reported by the users . It’s like an energy source for our spiritual being. The field itself can not be measured by any ( publicly available  ) human technology so all of our gathered knowledge is based on personal experiences and channeled information. We are aware that the personal experiences can be misleading and because of the possible placebo effect it can not be a real scientific proof. Also the channeled information is  not  necessarily convincing for anyone.  On the other hand, as I previously have stated ,  we discovered the technology efficiency  is based strongly on your own beliefs, so you can make it stronger or weaken it.  We do not try to convince the skeptics about this technology. We stay with two feet on the ground and all we say  is we found a new interesting area to study and experiment with and there are some promising results  which make us excited to continue the research. We learned that this technology is very positively effecting the efficiency of the placebo effect. Lets call it rather the body self healing ability.  This technology is in the very early phase and there is much to learn about it.  As our Human mental and spiritual evolution moves forward we start to understand and sense this kind of technology more and more. If you find this technology interesting and you consider to buy one emitter, then please understand that this is new area and there is no guarantee that you would feel or sense the field at first but it will affect you positively over time for sure. Some people who have our coils said they needed more than 8 weeks spiritual work to being able to sense the field. Many alternative research point out that the Pineal Gland is the center antenna in our brain for nonphysical perception and processing. All human perception is like muscles you need to use it to strengthen up. Training this area in our brain is also essential to being able to sense the field. This can take even month´s as our test users reported. 

Do you have Questions or comment please feel free to connect with us via mail:

buy-131964784705748631_512Buying info: We do not sell officially these emitters but due the intensive interest sometimes we make them available for those who are interested in this early phase of the research. If you are interested to obtain one of our prototypes then get in touch with us via mail. The emitters  prizes varies between 220-800$.


Further Link´s

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Bellow you can see a few example from our legacy coils we experimented with and developed in the past.

These coils were the base of our current knowledge which we used to to develop further this technology.

Hybrid Scalar Emitter – “The Energetic Booster”


Arcturus Scalar Emitter – “The Mind Booster”ArcturianCoilrw

ITQ-Emitter – “A Rediscovered Technology From The Egyptian Time”


Rapture Scalar Emitter – “High mathematical precision for the perfect vortex geometry ”


If you want to learn more about the Legacy coils then please visit the Legacy Coils page for further informations.

Some pictures about how the emitters can be integrated into crystal grids and creations ( made by the community members )