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What does this mean exactly? The graph isn't showing just the frequency, is it?
The more authoritative your blog gets over time, the extra possible you'll compete primarily based on phrases with a higher variety of searches. flottetotte
That's awesome, Archangel. Did you create this playlist by yourself btw?
General discussion / Re: Greetings
« Last post by AgustusB on February 04, 2018, 03:40:25 pm »
I'd love to hear your experiences with the ITQ-Emitter if you're still around, Carmien. Have you had any issues with it?
General discussion / Re: Physical size/dimensions of emitters
« Last post by OctavioPul on September 01, 2017, 02:12:18 pm »
Hi, what is the size/dimensions of each emitter, I can't find the weight loss guide here that info on the website, thank you

Good question Tim, did you find out the sizes?
Hi this is docstar77 (youtube channel).  Very glad to see there are people out there developing
more "silent frequency emitters" for positive use.  Good work GIRK FIT NIIR !   I have reviewed
briefly your devices and they seem to be designed in such a way to deliver my frequency
tracks well.  My frequency tracks are hyper-dimensional geometries that unfold in local
space when played and they transmit very well through the types of coils you use.

Keep up the good work!

Doc Starz, Over and out!
I acquired a hybrid scalar emitter around Christmas time last year 2016.  I run it day and night and am usually near it since I work from home.  In the short time I have had it, I have noticed my dedication to my spiritual journey get stronger and my mind is now able to grasp complex ideas.  It feels as if my awareness has expanded.  I don't consider myself so separate now.  I have my individuality, but I can now see I am just a small spark of something so great and unfathomable.  I can finally begin to comprehend my destiny of returning to source.  I really believe the emitter allowed me to understand such concepts.  My mind and memory is clearer and sharper than its been for years.  I forgot to mention I have mild epilepsy and suffer from simple seizures in my left frontal lobe area. I use it while meditating, sleeping, and as a background while I read.  I also use it while praying and sending healing energy out to loved ones and not so loved ones.  ;D The energy is subtle, but trust and believe it is there and it is doing great things whether you feel it or not.  To anyone who is not very sensitive to energies, I suggest purchasing a personal amp/ mini amp/headphone amp to amplify the signal.   I got one off eBay for 25 dollars.  I run frequencies from the app and also from YouTube docstar77, and off of my signal generator.  It's great to experiment.  If you have crystals, it's a great way to clear, activate and program them.  Same with water since its also programmable.  There are so many uses. I have enjoyed my emitter so much, I have put in an order for the new super duper 3-d large emitter.  I hope in the near future we can form a healing grid with all the emitters to help Mother Gaia and us, her children, with integrating the new frequencies and energies that are coming at us from the Galactic Center ever since we entered the photon belt.  Great things can happen when many like minded people come together with good intentions.  :) We can literally shape our world with them!!
Thank you for sharing. I do enjoy classical from time to time. I hadn't consider the 432Hz aspect, and I really enjoyed listening to these. I look forward experimenting with them through an emitter.
Fabulous share. Thank you, Brother.
General discussion / Greetings
« Last post by Carmien on May 03, 2017, 04:38:29 am »
I just sent an email to order an ITQ-Emitter. I'm very excited. I look forward to experiencing this technology and it supporting the spiritual and energy work of those I serve.

I do note that there's not much activity on this forum. Please feel free to let me know if I can help. A key success to any forum is active response, in particular to questions related to the core topic for the forum.

Blessings to You All, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.
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