Bellow you can read some user question what I found very valuable so we share a couple of them here. ( with their per
mission )  We hope this section helps for many to understand a bit more this technology and its principals from different perspectives. If despite the information’s bellow any  question  left open then please feel free to ask via mail. We will keep adding every user questions which we feel valuable for everybody.

What kind of crystal is recommended?

We recommend the Clear – Quartz Rock Crystal  in the size of 6x6x12 cm (2.7×2.7×4.7 inch ) the example image you can see bellow. It doesn’t matter how is the size aspect but the bigger crystals are always stronger and more recommended.

I got the coil how to start to use?  

You should just plug the coil into your phone or pc audio/phone output and install our driver software. Then place your crystal onto the coil. Then you have to  set your audio volume to the maximum and start the application. Once you selected your desired frequency/program then you will have the similar image what you can see below.

What should I feel when my device is running? 

Depending on the selected program you may feel different things. It is very common that you can hear a kind of high and soft ringing tone in your center of your brain as you look at the device and connect to the field ( in the quantum coil case as it triggers your pineal gland ) , or you can feel a soft pressure at your heart chakra. After a while 30-50 min you can sense that you feel better more energetic or you are boosted. This is a low power system and meant for the continuous usage so you can sleep next to it or you can let it run any time you wish. IMPORTANT NOTE: The system works with your intention and boosting your energies. If you are in a sad ,angry or harsh mood then don’t use the device and take the crystal away from the coil ( this stops the energy radiation because even if your coil doesn’t running the system radiates the last programmed energies on a lower energie at least for 3-4 days long ) . Always put your intention into the crystal about what kind of energy do you want to create like healing, or boosting your brain, or you just want to have calming energies. Just choose a program and put the same intention into the crystal to ensure the best performance and effect.

Can I connect the emitter to a receiver? 

Yes we designed the coil to being able to driven with more power like a hi-fi speaker or connect to a custom signal generator. On this way you can create a coil cluster system which will exponentially expanding the field. The coils impedance is in the range of 5-17 Ohm so you can connect them to any receiver ( which allows the 4Ohm speakers ) . IMPORTANT NOTE: we are not recommending to use it on high power longer than 2 hour if you drive it with a receiver. We would not suggest to use it over 15-20W music performance. The coils are overheating over 50W sinus power ( expect the ITQE which is suited even for a higher power ) . Bellow you can see a two example about the coil clusters driven by a 20W stereo receiver.

Do you have experience in curing pain? ( Bob )

Curing the pain is always a question of the implied health situation. In example the field can support your body and its healing process ( hardly based on your believes  ). In example the Arcturus coil is very helpful to gain the positive placebo effect. The humans most of the time curing themselves by believing in  the current treatment / tool they get. The pain when it is coming i.e. from a knee joint  then as I experienced the field can not ease the pain but on long term it can support the healing process which will lead you to less pain. However some process is not reversible in our health or just slower than other.  So in general I can say based on the user feedback´s the coil is not a painkiller but it can support our body to cure itself or the source of the pain. In one case a woman where short before a Peace-Maker surgery. She had some heart functional issue  it was not consistent. She brought a Quantum Coil and after 3-4 weeks her heart become more stable , so stable that the surgery was not necessary any more. She believed in and felt the field so she were able to use it for her benefit.  The coil opens a small portal which is very similar to our heart like a source energy. In her case it worked like a second heart and energetically helped her main heart so it was able to heal itself on a way. I don’t know how is this possible but it’s happened. If you want to ask this person i’m sure she will gladly answer your questions. In my case the coil helped to heal my IBS and such which is more an extra sensitive state where the normal bowel movements are received as pain. I was able to heal that over time using this tech. It’s not happened fast but i realized one day that my pain is less and less and it’s disappeared like it never were there.

Is there any guidance on the possible frequencies and effects? ( Bob )

In the application each frequency is described  for what it is the most suited. I also experienced that there is a very small general range as the coil affects the people. Peoples experiencing in 80% differently the coil effects but in general it brings you extra energy what you can use for anything from healing to spiritual work reiki and such. Based on my observation you just need a strong intention for what you want to use it.  We are very much on the beginning of discovering the frequency healings. So there is much to observe and discover. A customer in example putted a glass water on the coil and used the 432Hz for 1 hour . He reported  that the water become much more energized and it had a different taste surprisingly. He said he found very healthy to drink this energized water. I plan later to extend the website with the user reports. I got many via mail but they are all very personal so I rather not shared on the way as they expressed. I asked the customers to write for the public some short info about their experiences and hopefully they will have time to do so.

Another question, is the dimension of the crystal important? 
I mean, if bigger than better or doesn’t matter? It’s maybe the form itself relevant, like pyramid, or not?( Bob )

In general the bigger crystal is stronger always. So i would suggest to buy the biggest chrystal what your budget allows. As for the shape of the crystal I never felt major differenc expect the spherical one have a more steady field.



Work others like rose quartz too? Do you have knowledge in this regard? ( Bob )
It’s just to understand what kind of crystal i have to buy.

The reason why I i suggest the clear quartz crystal is because that is the most suited for the general use. It have the same strength on every frequency. The rose quartz is for the love energy more suited so it will boost the effect on 528Hz more as the clear quartz but it might be weaker on other frequencies. So for a general use the best is a big clear quartz crystal but if you have additionally a rose quartz then you can place onto the emitter too while you use the love frequency.

I have the quartz crystal shown on the demonstration as well. Will I be able to use my raw cut mountain crystal?  ( Ahilia )

Yes the raw cut crystal is also perfect. You can also use your other crystals if you place them in a grid around the coil.  You can boost the field if you place a mirror under the emitter and the grid. Also you can use additionally a small HI-FI amplifier to make the field even stronger and bigger.

I was just wondering where would be the best cheap place to buy crystalk quartz for your device. I’d like to get the best deal to get crystals. ( Zach ) 

As for the crystals I think it’s a life long thing/investition  which will be with you in all time of your life they have no amortization and such so it’s worthy to buy a bigger one. The devices I create also have no amortization like if it’s used on the proper way then I don’t see any reason why should they become damaged or malfunctioned.   For the new device ( ITQE ) I would suggest a spherical crystal. I buyed mine here locally about 180Euro its roughly 190$ and they are about 7cm (2.7 inch ) diameter. I would suggest this size from 2.4-3 inch.

I just need to clarify, The crystal doesn’t change the size of the field. The field size is proportional to the input power and the crystals are placed on the coils to increase the portal size so we can achieve  a better connection to the metaphysical properties of the crystals. Does that sound right? ( Tim )

The bigger the Chrystal the stronger the field and the more effect will be applied on your body and spirit. The field grows on an additional way. This means at a certain point the input energy and the portal energy become a balance and the field become a stable size in which has a great effect on your body and spirit. This is on low power level roughly 3m. This means not that the field not goes any further but it has an exponential fall off characteristic so outer this radius the field effect became insignificant. Once we use an amplifier we put more energy into which results in the 3m radius a way more intense field strength and in example it will have over 30m the same effect as it would be on low power inside the 3 m radius. So an amplifier (HIFI) would in a practical sense meaning a range extender and a short distance energy booster.   


Does the scalar field generator android app have various frequency programs and we just select the appropriate program to match our intention then let it run on the coil? ( Tim )

Yes the discovered frequencies have a certain effect what we discovered and based on our observations we found usable them for those purposes / intentions what you can read in the freq. description. This not means that you could not use them for some other intention but the effects we found worked for the most people. As for example you say you want to boost your pineal gland or open your 3rd eye. I found that there is some very good general freq. like 963Hz 369Hz , 528Hz , 432Hz . these ones can be used for almost every intention. We channeled some message about the coils and their effects and we become the information that the coil have a 20% general effect on each user and in the rest 80% it have a different effect on each human. The 20% is a general energy boost depending on your mindset , in many cases the field made our body less dense. This is very useful as we aim to integrate more 4D energy.

Can I get the field radius to 3m on low power? I’d like  to put it further away from my bed if possible. ( Tim )

Yes , some people reported that on low level the field affected them even from 10-15m distance. I guess its somewhat depending on how is the person sensitivity. Some people need a way stronger field to sense it and some is overloaded by even on low power. You might test it and depending  on your sensitivity you will feel how close or far you can place it. According the channeled information and the most experience the field on low level works for the most people in a 3 m radius. Sometimes it’s an issue that someone buy the coil and then run it all night and the partner can’t sleep well because of the running coil. Some people reported that  they tested the coil on a way that they didn’t told for their partner that they have a device and they will run it over the night. In many many cases the partner could not fall asleep as the energy overcharged them and made them wide awake.  I would suggest to involve your partner and both should use the field with the same intention. I guess then it will be more beneficial otherwise you can maybe cause some distraction for your partner. A customer of mine reported that his wife not allowing him to use the device in the bedroom because she can’t fall asleep. I realized however that if you use a solfeggio freq.  ( it’s in the application ) then you sleep well and you feel so rested as never before.  

If the coil was sitting on a table is the shape of the field like a dome sitting on the table or is it more like a sphere surrounding  the whole coil? ( Tim )

You considering to buy the Hybrid coil. That coil have a clockwise rotating field. The best if you imagine the field as a galaxy shape as the energy expanding and rotating around the center of the coil. So if you laying in the bed and your coil is on the same height as you are then you are in the field perfectly. However you should not worry about this part because this is why we use a Crystal the crystal connected to our heart if you intend so  and through it you can lead the energy directly into your chakra system or spread the field energy on a more spherical way.
Would one of these improve the quality or increase the size of the field? And would it still be ok to use overnight? I’m thinking if I could make the field radius 3-4m then I could put it on my bedroom desk and my wife will also be in the same field.  ( Tim )
As for an amplifier I would rather reccommend this one:
The coils have a High Power input so you can connect them as you would connect a speaker. With this you can achieve a 30 m radius. But the high power would overcharge your body if you use it while you sleep so for sleeping i would suggest the low power input or turn the volume down on the amplifier. I realized in my case the coil reduce my sleep time like I feel full rested after a couple hours . This is not always beneficial if I wake up in the middle of the night full rested.
What are the main benefits of using crystals on the coils? There is not much Clear quartz here in NZ and it is expensive so I need to justify the extra expense.. ( Tim ).
The reason why I suggest the Clear Quartz Crystal is because it’s the “boss” crystal. The clear quartz is the best for the general wide range usage.
Each crystal have their specialities. For example if you have a Rose Quartz and you use it on 528Hz  which is the love frequency then you get a better boost on that freq. as with the clear quartz crystal but if you want to emit in example a solar plexus freq. then the rose quartz will be less efficient as the clear quartz.
So you can use any kind of crystal actually but you will have different effect strengths on the different frequencies.  In an ideal situation you have many different chrystal and depending on the program/freq. you place the proper crystal onto the device which the best for that frequency But since the crystals are expensive I´m more on the opinion its better to having one bigger clear quartz . On ebay you can buy them for a fair price. But yes in general they are expensive but also a nice help which will be with you in your whole life.

How fragile / durable are the coils? ( Jeremy ) 

Well the coils are rather in a prototype phase as final product. And so they are yes fragile and can get easily skreches if someone drop them or put too heavy crystals on them. We recommend to avoid any surface damage that the users should put a piece of paper between the coil and crystal surface. This is a good solution. Although we are working on more durable coil constructions and also working on to find a way for some wood cover. We are about to making the coils more strong. For now their quality is suited to put them into the house and using the stationary. Many user taking  the coils with them self to outside into the nature. This is a wonderful experience using vibration outdoor. Although the coils need to be protected well due they are not fully waterproof and can high air humidity level  cause some color change on the surface.