Mission Statement

About the galactic alliance activities

Introduction video of the Galactic Alliance by Tekkrr ( Lyran ) – Channeled by James Charles video is created by the SFG Media Group

Bellow you can read the transcripted message about the galactic alliance activites


We are a relatively small alliance. The alliance members are the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Fendorians, friendly Reptilians, and the Yah`yel. We are all 4th Dimensional beings. We are a unique and independent alliance. However, we are working together with larger alliances such as the Galactic Federation of Light. We have chosen to interact with Earth more directly as the Galactic Rules allow.


We are here because we love you and our passion is to help you to survive on this timeline. We are here to support those individuals on your planet who accept our help. We cannot interact with those humans who reject the concept of benevolent extraterrestrial beings. Your government knows us and we have meetings with them. They think most people are not prepared for an extraterrestrial interaction and therefore, they did not let us show ourselves or interact more directly with humanity. We are here to help you to grow spiritually, supporting your ascension.

Climate and Weather stabilization


We have large cloaked motherships all over the world. We have on each continent 2-3  motherships. Their mission is to make your weather changes a bit smoother.  We are trying to reduce the toxin pollution in your air and stabilize the radical and inclement weather patterns. We cannot fully subdue storms but we can greatly buffer them to prevent significant damage.

Volcanic and geological  stabilization


We have the capability to deep-scan your tectonic plate movement and volcanic activities. If we see that a strong earthquake is on the horizon then we are there immediately and we divide the tectonic tension into smaller and less harmful quakes. We have the tools to reduce the intensity of the earthquake. We can not stop it but just like with your weather we can reduce the damage to your population.

Radioactive pollution stabilization


You may not be aware of all your government’s nuclear programs. They have many. We are carefully watching all of your nuclear Power Plants and nuclear military programs. Once a radioactive spill begins then it is in flux. This means that it is impossible to reverse completely. The best solution is to avoid any kind of radioactive pollution. 3 times have we prevented a nuclear war. We minimized the effects of Fukushima and Chernobyl as well. As long as humanity refuses to acknowledge our existence we must do all of this work invisibly. Once humanity accepts us then we can work together with you, which will be much more effective.

Magnetic poles stabilization


As your scientists are already aware, your magnetic poles flip every 250,000 years. The last pole reversal occurred 780,000 years ago.  These pole reversals can have catastrophic effects on the planet’s inhabitants if not counterbalanced. Since you do not as of yet have the technology to do this we do so for you. It is our job to check the activity of the pole and balance them out.

Preparing the public first contact


Since the 1920’s your governments and military-industrial sectors have been creating covert alien alliances and secret space programs. The human race has already established itself on the moon, mars & even far beyond the solar system. Only a very small percent of your people are aware of this. We wish for all of you to have this knowledge. Open Contact draws ever nearer. Prior to this humanity must decide as a collective whole whether or not it will accept the existence of extraterrestrials. In order to better assist you with your planetary issues, you will need to consciously request & ask for our assistance. By the way things have been going, we anticipating First Contact to occur by 2030. This is our most optimistic assumption. We would like to provide different programs for you and a community where you can grow and help others.

Human hybridization programs


Here we proudly share the results of our successful human hybridization program. We currently have over 700 hundred human volunteers who have agreed to donate & receive our DNA. The goal of this program is to accelerate your evolution and spiritual growth. We can achieve this by giving each human-alien DNA infusions of around 7-15%  from various compatible alien species. Those who receive alien genetic infusions will have access more to of their brain’s potential. This includes creativity, intelligence, psychic abilities, advanced thought patterns, and much more. As we receive more volunteers and resulting data we learn more about how to best work with human genetics and what the effects of the infusions are. The people who have received infusions are growing faster spiritually and they will be able to help the rest of humanity in the transition to becoming a spacefaring society in alliance with other extraterrestrial races.

Human education programs  


Every human who participates in our hybridization program will also have the opportunity to frequently visit our colonies through astral projection & our holographic technology. We have several 4th Dimensional areas where we provide education for those individuals who join our program. The following is a summary of our program’s curriculum.

  • Telepathy
  • Meditation
  • Channeling
  • Energy Healing
  • Alien Languages
  • Alien Technology
  • Spiritual and Psychic Abilities
  • Sports, Arts & Games
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Earth & Galactic History
  • Galactic Cultures
  • Meetings with other alien beings
  • Creating videos for mass dissemination during Open Contact

There are a lot of possibilities and every individual will find a class or activity in our program which is the most beneficial for them.  

Human health program and advanced surgery support


We would like to offer to humanity our medical knowledge. We would like to teach your race to the 4th-dimensional medical knowledge. We are doing our best to acquire permission from your governments to take up individuals who require critical medical attention. Onboard our ships we have medical facilities that can quickly & easily treat nearly any human condition with no lasting side effects. We would like to offer our help to those individuals who need it. At this time your governments have refused site-to-site physical transport of voluntary humans and as we are seeking to create positive relations with them we must respect their wishes.

Public and private channeling sessions and webinars 


We are not permitted to show ourselves to the public but we can speak to you in a different way. There are many channelers who are able & willing to channel our messages publicly. In this way, we can speak to you and share our knowledge. Our human friends have recorded many of these channelings & also offer private sessions. Here you can find all of the necessary links to join these groups.

Exopolitical help and military protection against the out world attacks


Every month there are thousands of alien visitations to Earth. Unfortunately, not every species has positive intentions. Our alliance is in cooperation with the  Galactic Federation of Light who is providing covert diplomatic and military protection for Earth. We do our best to inform all alien visitors of Galactic Federation rules and regulations put in place for your benefit.


If you want to reach out or have a question you can leave us a message at the support@girk-fit-niir.com e-mail address.

Human Colony Group – Channeling and weekly webinars: https://www.hucolo.org/