We are proud to be a part of the biggest human-alien community on earth.

We began four years ago several communication and hybridization programs in full cooperation with our human friends. Our human friends formed several online and in-person communities to share our messages and their extraterrestrial experiences. If you are interested to speak with and learn about us, you are invited to join our human community and follow the online webinars every weekend.
Every week the group is provided with information on the earth situation and we assist with their spiritual development. We hope we will see you in our human program and you will be a part of our loving and spiritually advanced alien-human community.

Our biggest online community and human hybridization program can be found at the website: We would suggest that you visit this site and watch our colony introduction video. Here you will find a lot of loving people, live webinars and recorded communications. You can speak directly with us and ask questions in our webinar events or request a private session.
We cannot present ourselves in physical form due to your governments restriction. We are currently in diplomatic contact with your Earth leaders and we will not initiate direct interaction without their permission.  As long as their rules are in place, we are restricted from visiting the surface of Earth and we are limited to this form of communication. Please understand that if we would come to the surface even with positive intentions, without your leaders permissions, it would be seen as a planetary takeover attempt and create a disaster. We highly respect free will, diplomatic contacts and the agreements you have in place.  We have agreed to wait until the time when your government gives us their permission for the direct physical contact.

Our human friends have created many YouTube channels with alien messages, channelings, webinars and open discussions. You can join these live streaming events or simply follow them on YouTube. As the community grows, the chance of the early first contact will increase.

We love you all and wish to welcome you into the Galactic community. To turn your race into a galactic society you simply have to join and interact with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our human programs!

Do you have messages for us ? Then feel free to use our communication hub (beta version not always online)!