First contact questionnaire


Dear Humans, we here at Girk-Fit-Niir Galactic alliance would like to begin by expressing our everlasting love and respect for your civilization as a whole. We regard humans as an extremely beautiful and powerful race and we are welcoming you all with  open arms to join us during  this great reunification, which has been termed first contact.This is not only a reunification of races, but a reunification of hearts and minds. The ascension is now in full swing and it is our great pleasure  to bring to you this questionnaire to help us prepare the first contact scenario.  We would like to ensure the comfort for humanity during this major event and so we are interested to know your opinions and view points on first contact and any suggestions you may have of improving the entire process. It is of our highest concern that first contact happens as enjoyably and effortlessly as possible and we fully welcome your participation in this.

Please go through the questionnaire and help us to figure out the best way to prepare the first contact for your race. If you have any question or idea or comment then please leave it at the First Contact Forum.

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As part of first contact, we plan on appearing at twelve locations around Earth with large  motherships. We would prefer to appear over water away from cities. We will choose places which are easly reachable for those who are interested to meet with us.

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If you heard that aliens were physically visiting our planet and certain people were interacting with them face to face how do you think you would react? 

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Thank you for your time and effort!